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If you thought you had a rough weekend – Chad Ochocinco just might have you beat. The New England Patriots wide receiver found himself standing in the wrong place this past weekend when a lion decided to relieve itself.

This was the initial tweet from @Ochocinco – “Swear to lil 10 pound bearded baby Jesus I just got peed on by a real “Lion” I’m not lying either. And y’all wonder why I don’t go out!!!!!”

Among the witnesses were NY Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and Ochocinco’s fiancée, reality TV star Evelyn Lozada. The incident occurred at a Voices for Children charity event in Miami Saturday night.

At times it seems Chad Ochocinco can’t catch a break. And while plenty of Patriots’ fans may be “p*ssed off” by his lack of performance on the football field last season (he only had 15 catches in the regular season and one in the Super Bowl), this proves the age-old adage that ‘it’s better to be “p*ssed off’ than “p*ssed on.”

As fans responded in hilarity and disbelief, he tweeted, “I can’t believe some of you find such a horrific and emotionally draining accident so funny. I’m disgusted at all of you who laughed.” He then added “tonight’s mishap is one of the reasons why I’m always sleep by 8:30, nothing good happens after 9pm. I love you n goodnight.”