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DETROIT-A girls bathroom in a in Ludington Middle School in Detroit was home to a brutal fight club in which girls would brutally fight while others would cheer them on and tape it.

The family of 13-year-old Jasmine Crawley brought the fight club to authorities’ attention after a video of Crowley fighting in the bathroom was posted on the internet.

Fox Detroit reports:

“It’s a two way responsibility here. We’re not just pointing the finger because, again, I know my niece is not an angel here. I just want to make sure that the schools are involved and that they’re professional and that they’re diligent with handling situations like this,” said Felisia Newby, Jasmine’s aunt.

That’s why they filed a formal complaint with Detroit Police. They want DPS to take action, even if it means disciplining Jasmine. Whatever it takes before it’s too late and a student gets seriously injured or even killed.

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