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TLC announced Monday that it will premiere its new reality offering, “D.U.I.” on December 1 at 9 p.m.

As the title suggests, the series will center around drivers who get blasted before climbing behind the wheel.

“‘D.U.I.’ brings viewers on a journey behind the wheel with some of Oklahoma’s most dangerous drivers as they are pulled over by police to take field sobriety tests,” the announcement reads. “Cameras continue to roll as viewers ride along through the process of interrogation, searches, lockup and the attempt to post bail.

Each case shares the full story, from arrest to sentencing, revealing the harsh personal reality for the drivers and their families along the way.”

The network will air the first six episodes of the 12-episode series in December, with the last six airing next year. The series is produced by Mike Mathis Productions, the same minds that brought the world “Transgendered & Pregnant” and “Your Kid Ate What?”