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Move over, Janet Jackson. There’s a new boob in town.

Nancy Grace’s right areola might have made an accidental cameo during her quickstep routine on Dancing With the Stars last month, but that’s not stopping a handful of traumatized viewers from filing indecency complaints with the Federal Communications Commission.

The Smoking Gun obtained several copies of the objections sent to the FCC in the wake of the Sept. 26 episode featuring the wardrobe malfunction and they relate the concerns of a number of unidentified viewers.

“Nancy Grace had a wardrobe malfunction where her nipple private came out and scared my children. She should be fined,” wrote one troubled parent from Arlington, Va., who added in all caps, “(SHE WAS JUMPING AROUND DANCING WITH HER BREASTS OUT, SHE KNEW IT COULD HAPPEN). FINE HER.”

One resident of Queens, N.Y., suggested the Dancing snafu was intentional.

“The show…joked that ‘On the European version that would be perfectly fine,'” read the complaint. “This is not fine. It was clearly done on purpose to generate news stories and interest in the show.”

One particularly righteous viewer from the supposedly liberal enclave of Los Angeles accused ABC of peddling pornography.

Wrote the “Dancing” fan: “I demand that ABC and Nancy Grace be fined for this disgusting and godless display of her naked breast on television.”

Another irate L.A. resident practically called for heads to roll.

“I want action!!! I am so offended to see her boob, my kids are traumatized,” demanded the parent. “I want action against her and this network!!!”

It’s not clear whether the FCC plans to probe the nip slip.