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The defense’s star witness, Dr. Paul White, an anesthesia expert, one considered most knowledgeable when it comes to the drug Propofol, testified that he believes Jackson gave himself the lethal dose that ended his life based on his evaluation of the evidence in the case.  Dr. White testified on behalf of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is on trial for Jackson’s death, but the doctor basically says all the evidence points to addiction, and he could not understand how others could come to the conclusion that Dr, Murray’s actions actually “caused” Michael Jackson’s death.  White admitted Dr. Murray’s standard of care procedures were less than professional.  The prosecution obviously expected Dr. White’s testimony to be favorable to the defense, but he’s asserting their entire case is suspect, if the point is to prove that Dr. Murray killed Michael Jackson.  Prosecutors needed to regroup after the testimony, requesting their cross-examination be postponed until Monday.  Judge Michael Pastor reluctantly agreed amid concerns about wearing down the jurors.