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The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was officially dedicated on Sunday in Washington by President Barack Obama.  A tear-filled ceremony that no speech could capture because Dr. King meant so much to so many.  His mission and his message stirred hearts around the globe, not just Montgomery, Selma, and the racially-charged southern tier of the United States.  There was the President, whom we have to believe is the most glaring example of where King’s dream could lead us, dedicating this massive structure in honor of a man who’s stature in life was much greater.  The Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir sang, as did Queen Aretha Franklin and the legendary Stevie Wonder, while those who marched and worked with Dr. King closest, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, and John Lewis spoke of what the day means, and why the struggle continues here in 2011.  King’s children also spoke to the thousands in attendance as the Lord blessed the event with an absolutely gorgeous day.  It was truly a historic day in America as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr  joined Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson on Washington’s National Mall.  We couldn’t be more PROUD to be here!