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The Club Aristotle Institute will give back to the community on Wednesday, September 28 by feeding the homeless, veterans and the elderly. There will be a free sitdown dinner with live jazz featuring Simply Kevin B.  The dinner and jazz will start at 3 p.m. at Club Aristotle 3920 Hull Street 451-H, Richmond, VA 23224.  For more on Club Aristotle’s community service visit and for fundraising/concert events please visit


Homelessness in the Richmond region the numbers are stifling….


Did you know that on any given day that 1,150 people experience homelessness in the Richmond region? These are facts from the Homeward data collection from 2009. 

Homeward is the planning and coordinating organization for homeless services in the greater Richmond region.  The organization fulfills its mission to prevent and end homelessness in the Richmond region through three core areas of focus:


*Identifying Needs and Trends

*Serving as a Community Catalyst for Change in Service Delivery

*Educating the Community for System Change


Am I or you one bad life decision; one foreclosure; one lost of a paycheck; one illness or injury away from a housing crisis?

Get all data collections, homelessness across the Richmond region and more at