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Actress/Singer Christina Milian is considering legal action against a restaurant in California that served her a salad with a side of chewed gum.

When Christina Milian had dinner at Mexicali restaurant in Studio City last week, she ordered a Kobe beef salad and bit off more than she could “chew.”

Sources say, after Milian bit into her salad, she noticing something chewy in her mouth.

Reportedly, when she took the chewy stuff out of her mouth, she saw a mouth-full of chewed bubble gum.

In complete disgust, she ran to the restroom to throw up.

Although the restaurant gave her the meal for free, Christina filed a complaint with the L.A. Department of Health and is now considering legal action.

According to Milian,

“The most important thing to me is to make sure my health is okay. Ever since the incident I have not eaten out.”