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Singer Alicia Keys recently called her marriage to producer Swizz Beatz “fly.”

The Grammy Award winner gushed over her happy life with People.

“There’s something great about feeling at peace and ease with your partner and knowing you understand each other. I really enjoy that friendship,” she tells People.

Keys and Beatz celebrated their one year anniversary on July 31, and Alicia reminisced on her magical wedding day.

“When I walked down [the aisle] and saw him, I could barely hold myself together,” she says. “It was so beautiful – just about he and I and our love. The wedding was one of the best days of my life.”

Keys also admits that her husband may actually be responsible for some of her style choices.

“I can say, ‘I’m not sure about this look for the BET Awards. What do you think?’ And I know that he will honestly tell me exactly what’s up,” she says.

Keys reveals that the couple’s harmony is what makes their relationship work so well.

“There are so many similarities between us, it’s just mind-blowing. It’s really cool to have met my equal.”