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After weeks of demands and threats to drive the American economy off the cliff, Congress has found enough “sensible” members to agree to raise the debt ceiling so the nation can pay it’s obligations.  Despite their argument that the impasse was all about getting America’s fiscal house in order, even Stevie Wonder could see what this was really all about.  This was normally a routine decision that draws little if any objection, but because it’s President Barack Obama, it is all of a sudden the worst thing America could do.  These congressmen elected to do what’s best for the nation are doing what’s best for themselves.  In the face of all this adversity and hatred, I admire the way this President conducts himself and his business, keeping his dignity and respect in tact even when those elected to office as “leaders” refuse to afford him that same respect.  This debt ceiling argument has been all about getting the administration off course and off message.  And for the most part, it succeeded.

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