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Jennifer Hudson says her 2-year-old son David is the most ”charming” child she has ever come across and he constantly surprises her.

Hudson, 29, who has 23-month-old David Jr. with fiance David Otunga, says her son is already showing signs of following in her footsteps and claims he has more “presence” than any child she has ever met.

She said: “He’s very much his own person, a little performer who loves to sing and dance. He’s so charming, too. Yes, I’m biased, but I’ve never seen a child with such presence. He says ‘hi’ or ‘bye bye’ to everyone when he comes in or out of a room, and goes round blowing kisses to everyone. My phone is completely backed up from videoing everything he does, because he surprises me constantly.”

“When I found out I was pregnant and went for the scan, he was so very little. To have that memory fresh in my mind and yet to now have this boy with me, dancing and laughing.”

Jennifer – whose mother, brother and nephew were tragically murdered in October 2008 – sees a lot of herself in her son and admits they share similar rituals to those she had with her own mom when she was a child.

She explained to You magazine: “When I was little I used to itch at night, so my mom would scratch me and he’s just the same. It’s our little ritual. Every night he goes, ‘Itch! Itch!’. It’s like seeing myself all over again.'”