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Remember the alleged sex tape reports that came out about Shaq and a few jump-offs that was allegedly filmed while he was married to Shaunie? Now, Shaunie says the same guy shopping the tape (and who Shaq supposedly threatened), also tried to shop the tape to HER.

Last week, reports spread that Shaq had a man named Robert Ross pistol whipped and threatened because of a plot to release a sex tape of Shaq and his mistresses.

Now, Shaunie confesses that Robert Ross approached HER about the tape as well…trying to sell it to her. Shaunie says she “wanted nothing to do with it” because she knows Ross is a liar who can’t be trusted, so she didn’t give him the time of day. She also said she can’t confirm there even is a tape, as she didn’t see any footage.

How does she know he’s a liar? Because Ross also tried to publicize a relationship between he and Shaunie after she divorced Shaq….a relationship Shaunie says they NEVER had.

Last week, Ross claimed that Shaq hired his best friend and a gang of 7 men to attack him, kidnap him, and do other things to him all over this alleged “sex tape.”