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words by: Katie Garton

Laws and codes have a long process before they are adopted, so it takes time for them to pass. With this being said, we’d think all laws are made to protect rights, maintain order, and keep everyone safe. This is not the case for all of Virginia’s laws. Here is a list of some dumb laws that are still in action (or at least we believe they are).

18.1- 363.1 Working or transacting business on Sunday (a.k.a Sunday Closing Laws or “Blue Laws”)

According to this law, the state would basically shut down on Sundays. No public services and utilities would work; no publishing and distributions of products;no servicing, fueling and repairing cars; no sporting events; no open restaurants; no operations of hotels, motels and funeral homes; and more. If you fail to adhere to these rules — which we obviously don’t — you with be charged with a misdemeanor. In 1961, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Sunday-closing laws are constitutional, but enforcing them is impractical.[http://www.vahistorical.org/onthisday/11574.htm]

18.2-361 Crimes against nature; penalty. (a.k.a No oral or anal sex allowed)

You are not allowed to “submit to such carnal knowledge” or it’s a felony. A FELONY. Then the law goes into detail that this also includes no oral or anal action between parents and grandparents with their children and grandchildren. Wow.

It’s illegal to tickle women*

A person of color in Dayton County can’t go outside or be in the city limits after 7 p.m. *

In Norfolk county spitting on sea gulls isn’t tolerated and women must wear corsettes after sundown and be in company of a male chaperone (sounds like prostitution, no?)*

In Prince William County you can’t curse about each other*

I was also looking around the law codes and ran into this,”

18.2-308 Not allowed to carry a machete or hide it from observation.” Seems kind of obvious, but I guess not.

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* We aren’t sure if these laws are still in effect, but there funny as hell!