Black Women have an age old argument that black men prefer to date outside of their race as oppose to getting with a sista. So when black celebs like Tyrese, who publicly speaks about black love and black lives, marries a woman who doesn’t look what some would consider black enough, black women waste no […]

After receiving major backlash following the release of the trailer for Sky Arts' Urban Myths episode starring Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson, the TV network announced on Friday that it has decided not to air the program.

The singer published an eye-opening essay about being a person of color in a predominately White environment.

Tyler Perry talks about parenting his new son, and how it has affected the way he balances his personal life with his work life. He explains why he’s not just handing out cash to relatives left and right, and what his stipulations are for helping them out financially. He also opens up about his plans […]

Writer, actor and producer Tyler Perry chats with the morning show crew about his new show, TLC’s first scripted series, “Too Close To Home,” which premieres tonight. The political drama, which centers around a young woman who works at the White House, features a predominantly white cast, unlike the rest of his work. He explains […]

TVOne joined up with Edison Research to poll over 1500 Americans to find out about how they feel about race relations in the country today. The study, called the “White, Black and Blue Study,” shines a light on how the population feels about all of the current racial tension happening in the United States, from […]

SIGN THE PRESIDENTIAL PARDON PETITION HERE. Rodney White of Richmond, Virginia is applying for a Presidential Pardon from President Obama. In order for the president to consider a review of his 23 page application a 100,000 signature petition must be attached with the request. Right now over 90,000 signatures are still needed to be complete […]

SIGN PETITION HERE. Rodney White, a Richmond native, seeks 100,000 signatures to be considered for a Presidential Pardon.  Will you support Miss Community and Rolling For Freedom’s push to obtain 100,000 signatures in 30-days? Deadline is May 12, 2016.  Clovia Lawrence   Rodney White prepares for his Presidential Pardon submission: In my preparation process with […]

God day fam! This is what life after incarceration can look like for a person with a felony conviction. Rodney and I were both products of Richmond Public Schools from middle (East End) to high school (Armstrong-Kennedy). Rodney still remains a loving and caring person.  Please support his efforts in getting a Presidential Pardon as […]

Education matters and is the tool to use for a successful feature. Rodney “Ronnie” White and I attended middle and high school together. He was a nice student and everybody loved him but he made falling grades, as in, straight F’s. Rodney “Ronnie” White was educated in the Richmond Public School system. Upon graduating from […]

Along came Chris Rock; a guy who was not only funny, but clever as well. His approach to describing race was quick-witted and ingenious.

Maurice “Reese” White the founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire has died at the age of 74 in Los Angeles. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease years ago and had not really performed with the band since 1994. After long battle with the disease, White died in his sleep. I am girl but loved to […]