Ending Driver’s License suspensions for unpaid court costs and fines will go into effect on Monday July 1, 2019. Check your eligibility at Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has signed hundreds of bills into law during the 2019 General Assembly Session. In fact, Governor Northam’s budget amendment included the reinstatement of suspended driver’s licenses for […]

In Community Clo Biz…. 🎙 🎤 🎧 There will be no more suspension of driver’s licenses due to unpaid court cost and fines. This does NOT include unpaid child support, convictions for reckless driving, DUI or simple possession. New law goes into effect on July 1, 2019. Please NOTE: you’re responsible for the payment of […]

The Virginia General Assembly will reconvene on April 3, 2019 to take up Governor Northam’s actions on amendments to the budget bill. New Virginia Laws will go into effect on July 1, 2019. Governor Northam is revisiting efforts to end driver’s license suspensions over unpaid court fines. He added on an amendment to the budget […]

Does racial bias in America begin inside public school classrooms? Judge for yourself. A new study shows that America’s teachers and administrators frequently address behavioral…