A healthy sex drive enhances your quality of life.  Check out these top 5 super fruits to enhance your sex drive. A healthy sex life is just as important as other aspects of your life. In our pursuit of living balanced lives too often sex is not factored into the equation. We have a tendency […]

from: Listen to our discussion with Elder Bernice King about being saved, but having sex before marriage. You have the opportunity to chime in! Leave a comment below! RELATED: Michelle Obama On How To Keep Romance Alive In A Relationship RELATED: 7 Ways To Improve Your Marriage RELATED: Bernice King On SCLC: “There Was […]

In strengthening the core, a person has greater control over pelvic floor muscles and reproductive  organs. Harnessing this helps the individual release muscle tension and experience full body ecstasy. Yoga is an ideal way to get your sensual core in to shape.  Stamina and strength is sexy.  You’ll look better and feel sexier after regular […]

You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Need advice? Send your questions to Terrance: Dear Gay Best Friend, I have a little problem. I have a male roommate and we were just friends when I first moved in. After a couple of months and a few conversations we found out that we were sexually attracted […]

You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Need advice? Send your questions to Terrance: Dear Gay Best Friend, First and foremost, I must say how I truly appreciate how you always keep it real rather than tell others what you think they would like to hear. One thing that I cherish the most in this […]

Singer Eric Benet recently sat down with legendary rapper and producer DJ D-Nice where he spoke about his childhood, music and sex. Growing up Eric and his siblings had discriminating tastes in music from R&B, Funk, Gospel, Jazz Fusion and Rock. Growing up in a musical environment, he thought everyone’s family was like his: come […]

Fantasia’s father Joseph Barrino tells that his daughter needs time but is a strong girl who will pull through with God’s help and the singer is once again caring for  her young daughter Zion. Joseph Barrino says: “Zion was staying with both myself and her grandmother but she is back with Fantasia now. She […]

People deal with breakups differently: you can hold tears back all day and splurge on a carton of ice cream at night or use that energy to go out and find another. Does it make you a bad person if you skip the sadness stage and go right onto taking on rebounds?

Well here’s a new form of double-standard for you…Bow Wow recently shared his thoughts on video models, paying for sex and bad sexual experiences in the latest issue of Ozone Magazine. The rapper revealed that he wouldn’t want to date a girl who’s dated another ball player or rapper and why he considers it to […]

We don’t know why she’s smiling, if she wasn’t satisfied…a woman was arrested for stabbing her husband because he left her “unsatisfied” after having sex. The woman grabbed a pair of scissors and began “slashing at him.”

Fresh from her split from her third husband, Emmanuel Xuereb, the beautiful but reclusive celebrity had tongues wagging when she showed up at the Oscar Awards on Jamie Foxx’s arm. Did Stacey Dash Leave Her Third Husband For Jamie Foxx? Check out the interview from Jamie’s Foxx Hole radio show where Stacey talks about sleeping […]

D’Angelo says he didn’t try to solicit sex for $40 from an undercover cop. He was released after pleading not guilty to the solicitation charge.