To retire the Confederate Battle Flag or Not! Confederate groups continue to rally behind the battle flag in Roanoke, Virginia. The groups participated in a Christmas parade downtown last Friday. Their presence was met with protest by the Roanoke NAACP members. Does the battle flag mean more? According to Mark Craig, commander of the 28th Infantry Camp, […]

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Vester Lee Flanagan allegedly sought out the personnel records of the two people he killed when he was trying to sue the network.

The Republican Party of Virginia 2014 Convention is this weekend in Roanoke, Virginia. There are four candidates vying for U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner’s senate seat. Warner is known for his bi-partisan politics from time served as Governor of Virginia. Will he be unseated? The candidates represented at the 2014 Republican Convention: Ed Gillespie, An […]

President Barack Obama will kick-off a two-day tour in Virginia starting this Friday. The president will attend several grassroots events over the weekend. He will urge Congress to prevent tax increases on the 98% of families who earn under $250,000 a year. President Obama believes our economy grows from the middle out and not from […]

  President Barack Obama’s disapproval rating is now 54% in Virginia according to the Quinnpiac University Poll just three weeks ago. The economy is getting worst, said many voters. The Roanoke College Poll Report released on Monday shows President Obama is falling behind two republican contenders for president in Virginia for 2012.  (R) Mitt Romney leads (47% […]