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The Republican Party of Virginia 2014 Convention is this weekend in Roanoke, Virginia. There are four candidates vying for U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner’s senate seat. Warner is known for his bi-partisan politics from time served as Governor of Virginia. Will he be unseated?

The candidates represented at the 2014 Republican Convention:

Ed Gillespie, An Alexandria communications consultant and former White House aide, Gillespie has spent his career fighting for conservative principles of limited, effective government and personal liberty that help middle class Virginians.

Shak Hill, Shak’s life has been one of service to others. He served our nation in the United States Air Force as a decorated combat pilot, who flew in Desert Storm and on Top Secret missions around the world.

Tony De Tora,  Believes the next generation of Americans should enjoy the full blessings of Liberty. I want my daughter, as well as all of our children, to inherit an America where she can raise her own family in peace and prosperity, secure in her rights and freedoms.

Chuck Moss, Believes in good government and wants to end perverse incentives and crony capitalism. He is not a politician, nor a lobbyist.