Donovan McNabb returned to Philadelphia last night and discovered there really is “Brotherly Love”.  McNabb received a warm welcome from the Eagles fans when introduced during the pre-game, then put on his Washington Washington Football Team helmet and went onto the field and yo do what he routinely did for them before being shipped-out.  Kick some […]

What a difference a year makes.  In 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles went out on the limb to sign QB Michael Vick, partly at the request of the team’s star QB Donovan McNabb, who then proceeded to teach & mentor Vick as he tried to settle back into the reality of playing pro football again.  By […]

          What in the world is going on in the NFL.  The “Haves” seem to have not as the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings both entered the season as the teams to beat in the NFC along with the world champion New Orleans Saints.  The thing is, both teams are winless after two games.  For […]

De’ Ja Vu for the NFL’s Denver Broncos, who for the third time in the last four years, are dealing with the death of a teammate.  Kenny McKinley, a 5th-round draft pick of Denver in 2009 out of South Carolina, was found dead by a female aquaintance, a death that authorities are ruling a suicide.  […]

Reggie Bush is giving back his Heisman Trophy. Bush, the New Orleans Saints tailback, announced Tuesday that he would forfeit the hallowed award he won at USC in 2005. Earlier this summer, the NCAA hammered the Trojans with severe sanctions due to improprieties involving their former All-American and record-shattering runner. “One of the greatest honors […]

          As a Dallas Cowboys fan, it is a week of pride, a week of focus, a week of endless trash-talking and ridicule.  It is the ultimate rivalry with all the deep-seeded hatred and distaste for the opponent that one can muster.  It’s not just any NFL game, not just any two teams.  This IS […]

     Seven men were called, and for two of them, this was a pre-destined arrival.  Former Dallas Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith and ex-San Francisco star WR Jerry Rice were inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame on Saturday in Canton, Ohio.  The ironic thing is that both players retired as the greatest to ever […]

Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre has reportedly informed the team that after 19 years in the NFL and a record 285 consecutive starts, he has decided not to return for a 20th season.  Favre, known for his dramatic announcements of retirement, appears to have come to the conclusion that he just physically can’t do it […]

     Move over Venus Flytrap, Pete Rose, Ickey Woods and any other would-be hero of Cincinnati.  There’s a new Sheriff in town.  And his name is T.  O.  Terrell Owens officially joined the Bengals after spending much of the offseason trying to convince NFL GM’s he could be trusted.  Cincinnatti fans are certainly accustomed to […]

     Ahh, the NFL Pre-season. A time for fans to renew their hopes for their favorite team’s upcoming season. The New Orleans Saints will attempt to defend their first ever Super Bowl title, while the Dallas Cowboys have loaded up new weapons to try and unseat them. QB Tony Romo already had an explosive offense, […]

     The University of Southern California has practically erased the memory of  former football star Reggie Bush & ex-Trojan Basketball standout O. J. Mayo, taking down all memorabilia of the two now-pro athletes. Bush & Mayo both received lavish gifts while at USC, causing the Trojans to be cited by the NCAA for lack of […]

A Commonwealth prosecutor said Wednesday that Michael Vick was involved in a confrontation during his 30th birthday, but had no knowledge of the shooting that took place following his departure. The attorney, Harvey Bryant, did not give details of the altercation, but said that Vick did not do “anything that would amount to aggressive or […]