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It’s been a little rough these past 11 days. Tensions, anger, and disillusionment are at an all time high and we, the country, are fully divided. The Us vs. Them mentality of the Bush era —  you’re either with us or against us — is back. Only this time, the threat to our civil liberties […]

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The Court of Special Appeals in Maryland, the state’s second-highest court, has ordered another trial and restored charges against a man from Northwest Baltimore who was acquitted in the murder of North Carolina native Phylicia Barnes. The court says Circuit Judge John Addison Howard committed a mistake in January 2015 when he acquitted Michael Johnson of […]

Trevor Noah is a 31-year-old comedian from South Africa who has been tapped to replace Jon Stewart as the new hot of “The Daily Show.”…

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“The Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams recently tweeted that she does not want to replace outgoing host Jon Stewart. A journalist sparked a war of words with Williams after…