Jennifer Aniston

You could say you’re going to see ‘Meet The Millers’ because Jason Sudeikis is a great comedic actor. Or maybe because the trailer’s funny? Can’t…

Millions of rabid fans aren’t the only ones who want to see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get married. The couple’s kids are also putting on the pressure. In a segment filmed for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” set to air Thursday, Pitt, 47, told host Ellen DeGeneres, “The kids are putting on the heat. They […]

At 47, Brad Pitt is still a sex symbol, but he’s also a family man. He and Angelina Jolie have six kids! In an interview featured in this Sunday’s Parade magazine, the “Moneyball” star opens up about the rather boring life he was living prior to falling in love with Angelina, and why he’s now […]

Jennifer Aniston seems to have found love again with new boyfriend, Justin Theroux. But, back in 2005, she was still in pain from her devastating divorce from Brad Pitt. She dusted herself off by signing on for, ironically, ‘The Break Up,’ the 2006 romantic comedy co-starring Vince Vaughn. “It was a beautiful human story about […]

Jennifer Aniston believes the secret to a successful relationship is being able to talk about your problems. Aniston, who was previously married to Brad Pitt, says, “You need to talk to each other and you have to say what you want. You don’t confront your man about things which you’re not happy about, you approach […]

Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston,Demi Moore and “Monster” director Patty Jenkins will all team up to share directorial duties for Lifetime’s five-part anthology of short films that will explore the effect that breast cancer has on people’s lives reports The movie will “use humor and drama to focus on the effect that breast cancer and […]