This week was the final curtain call for Love And Hip Hop Hollywood season 2 and as you might expect, more than a few…

For die-hard fans of the “Twilight” saga books and films, this weekend was drew thousands upon thousands of viewers and raked in $141.3 million in sales for it’s opening weekend. The final blockbuster film in the series proved to be the biggest openings of its kind ranking eighth on the list of all-time domestic debuts […]

Today, we’re looking back on some of America’s favorite past times and the greatest of them all is “The Cosby Show.” Can you believe it’s already been 20 years since the very last episode aired on NBC? Funny how time flies, but we’re excited and privileged to be able to take the time out today […]

Seems like Oprah Winfrey is in for another bittersweet farewell as her best friend Gayle King made the announcement that she’s taking a giant leap out on her own this week and heading for ‘The Early Show’ on CBS. The news comes shortly after the OWN Channel’s low ratings were revealed, but it doesn’t mean […]