Well, someone decided to test the Queen during a tour stop in Nashville and she had time to clap back at them!

Drake‘s fans always go hard when it comes to the 6 God, but one young lady took her thirst for Drizzy a little too far. The rapper’s home is the latest celeb estate to be burglarized, however, this time it wasn’t for the money and jewelry. TMZ reports that a member of Drake’s crew walked into […]

A fan says the singer's entourage bullied him over a hat he asked to be signed

August also addressed the controversy surrounding the "groping" incident that made him the target of online backlash.

Extraordinarily talented Dreamville/Roc Nation artist J.Cole is truly in a league of his own and he proved as much yet again by keeping a promise to…

Singer Keri Hilson recently made headlines for a scary “Bodyguard” moment on stage at a gig in Europe. An excited fan ran on stage hoping to give Keri a little sugar on the cheek. But it got ugly very fast. And it’s reported that the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer took a misguided blow during the […]

Ginuwine definitely had the ladies going crazy back in the 90s with his sexy videos and love songs, and from the looks of it, he’s still got a little “something something” going on that is making the ladies smile. However, his wife, Sole, isn’t having that, and showed that she means business recently when she […]