The final trailer for 'Hunger Games' has been released, and it's definitely enough to get us at the edges of our seats.

Quentin Tarantino’s controversial new film “Django Unchained” recently faced opposition before production even began. Many said the movie, a story about a slave-turned-bounty hunter, should never have been made. Actor Jamie Foxx, who plays the title character, says he’s proud of the film he made. Find out why he says, “The proof is in the […]

There have been baby dolls that cry and dolls that coo. Dolls that eat, drink, wet and even poop. The latest addition to the world of dolls that “do something” is a soft-bodied, battery-powered baby that lets little girls pretend they are breast-feeding. A controversial doll that allows children to imitate the act of breast-feeding […]