Today on The Michael Baisden Show, be sure to tune in and find out why more women than ever are saying no to marriage? If you’d like to join in on the conversation before the show begins, feel free to do so below on our message board. Think about these questions: Are you afraid of […]

Obama for America has released a new video on Women’s Health Security. President Obama continues to stand for women’s rights, and thanks to his landmark health reforms, women across America now have access to important preventive health care without paying additional dollars for services. President Obama’s opponent for president Mitt Romney said  he wants to […]

Many relationship experts swear by the, “date as many as you can,” concept, hell I believe it to be the truth to some degree; however what exactly does that entail? Yesterday while checking the forum of a women’s Facebook group I belong to, I read the following comment: “Had a convo yesterday with a new […]

This is for the fellas who have been dating a chick for a while and every time they think they are getting somewhere she tears it all down. You think it is something that you are doing but guess what? You probably did nothing wrong. Women know after a short time of meeting a man […]


There are several miscommunications and misunderstandings that occur between men and women daily. Some are avoidable and some are never ending. Check out the 5 most common misconceptions men have about women. 1. As much as he may try to empathize, he knows nothing about how you feel when you are on your period. For […]