This is a great day to be alive in spite of what it looks or feels like today. Set your pace by keeping God first place in your space. I tried it! I tested it! It’s true! This is my “Clo-ism” for the day, God’s words of wisdom in laymen terms timely for all. Miss […]

The United States 112th Congress is back in session. Members in the Senate and House of Representatives will have to discuss the nation’s looming debt and how to fix it. Will both sides agree to allowing some of the Bush-era tax cuts to expire by the end of the year? Will entitlement programs be included in […]

Democratic and Republican leaders are back at work in Washington, DC. The nation’s deficit seems to be the big talk on Capitol Hill. Will there be a compromise on the nation’s budget? Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner heads to Capitol Hill today to negotiate a plan to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff.” A series are meetings […]

  New state laws on texting while driving could be changing. The Virginia State Crime Commission will consider proposed legislation to make the laws tougher. Amendments are possible to make it clear texting while driving could be considered reckless driving. The commission will also consider creating an enhanced penalty for traffic violations which are committed while […]

This is a great day to be alive, in spite of what it looks and feels like today. I hear you want “success” “big time” or your name in “lights” well, you will have to lift something heavy to get “big”. The heavy is hurdling over obtacles with a humble attitude and not giving up but because you […]

  Cyber Monday has become one of the biggest shopping days online. Now, more than 100 fake retail websites have been seized on a Cyber Monday crackdown on counterfeit mechandise called “Project Cyber Monday 3”.  Many of the fake sites are linked to organized crime, according to John Morton, head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs […]

The 112th Congress goes back to work today, all 535 members are under more pressure to reach an agreement before the December 31 fiscal cliff deadline arrives. The House of Representatives and Senate must avoid a fiscal cliff consisting of tax hikes and budget cuts that will take effect on January 1, 2013. From the White House: […]

  I love you is soooo powerful and can change lives for the better.  I love you means patience, kindness and not boasting of others faults. It’s definitely not conditional ….never ever.  Are you thankful to have love or give love? Are thankful for your shelter? Are you thankful to have running fresh water in […]

  Dover, Delaware- Three adult daycare workers are being sued for allegedly forcing two 3 year olds to fight.  The video of the toddler fight was caught on a cellphone video in March. One of the toddlers went over to one of the workers for comfort but was thrown back into the fight.  The parents of the toddlers are suing […]

What do you think? Should all Americans ages 15-64 be tested for HIV? A panel of medical experts is recommending that all Americans between the ages of 15-64 should be tested for HIV. The guidelines for testing should be, as easy as, a routine check-up. The panel also recommends that doctors offer and recommend HIV testing to […]

President Barack Obama landed in the isolated Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar over the weekend. President Obama’s visit to Myanmar formerly known as Burma is the first time a sitting U.S. president has visited the nation. The president met with Myanmar’s reformist president Thein Sein. He also held talks with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi […]