It’s not only Big Game Weekend but Last Call for Voter Registration Weekend! The race for president is getting too tight to call. Vote because it is your voice, choice and right. The deadline to register to vote in the Presidential Primary is Monday, February 8, 2016. Register to vote online here. Secretary of the […]

  Let Freedom Ring -A Call To Heal A Nation During Black History Month Racial tension rings loud in our communities and nation so where do we began the ‘talk’. What is the first step in loosening the bonds of discrimination and alienation? Fear is the culprit and now it is time to get to […]

Lawmakers will have their say at the Virginia General Assembly if you don’t participate. Lawmakers in the Senate will deliberate on SB223, New Sentencing Hearing: Abolition of Parole. If you support or oppose this bill call, email or text your senator here. Full Text of SB223 is courtesy of RichmondSunlight.Com New sentencing hearing; abolition of […]

Prayer never fails so why has it been removed schools, community, government and social activities. If you have a conversation about your beliefs in God it is almost as if you are condemning the very core of man. How did we get here? Will we stay in this place? Do we think that we are stronger without […]

Ronda made her big return to the ring - but she's fighting with a different muscle.

We're reflecting on the 16 millennials you really need to keep your eye on.

The 2016 Virginia General Assembly Session begins on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 12 noon. Lawmakers in the House and Senate will convene in Richmond to introduce, vote and kill hundreds of bills submitted during the session. Virginia Senator Charles Carrico, Sr (R-District 40) is pushing for the Confederate flag to return to Virginia license plates. The bill, […]

Attending an Adele show is pretty much on everyone's bucket list, or at least it should be.

Earlier this year, President Obama said that democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton would make a great president but that did not mean a full endorsement for her candidacy. And now, the president might be providing a sign that Vice President Joe Biden is moving closer to a run for the White House. CNN reports that […]

Richmond City Council President Michelle R. Mosby says it’s official she will run for mayor in 2016. Council President Mosby told the Urban League of Greater Richmond Young Professionals last week. She is the third member of the City Council to become a mayoral candidate. President Victor Rogers of the Young Professionals confirmed President Mosby’s announcement at […]