When I learned about North America’s Great Lakes, I was taught a mnemonic device to remember them. Were you also taught H-O-M-E-S? If so, you may remember why “S” is so impressive… Lake Superior is the world’s largest lake.

The human eye is amazing. I recently read a book about eye surgery, and I learned so many fascinating “eye” facts. I bet you didn’t know… The eye makes movements 50 times every second.

Bamboo plants are known to be given as a “good luck” gift to new homeowners. Bamboo is also used as a “green” or environmentally responsible choice for wood flooring in a home. It’s a good thing bamboo grows fast, because… Bamboo makes up 99% of a panda’s diet.

Gabrielle Union stops by the BET Honors red carpet with Alfredas this past weekend in Washington, D.C. (Photo: KYSDC.com) We’re fresh off another exciting weekend in Black entertainment as the 2012 BET Honors took center stage in Washington, D.C. during MLK Weekend. The Russ Parr Morning Show’s own radio personality Alfredas invaded the BET Honors […]

Sports has always been big business in the United States. You may be a huge football, baseball or basketball fan, but there’s something about sports you probably didn’t know… The first sport to be filmed was boxing.

Before the internet became a resource for almost everything, people used a telephone book. Still used by many, a telephone book contains information for a city’s residents and local businesses. You may find it interesting to know… The first telephone book ever issued contained only 50 names.

One of my mother’s biggest interests is astronomy. When my mom visited over the holidays, we went to the Science Museum of Virginia twice. We really enjoyed the IMAX film on the Hubble Space Telescope. Speaking of space… The temperature of the sun can reach 15 million degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’ve ever traveled outside of the United States, you probably noticed that many countries are familiar with the English language. Despite the fact that countless countries welcome English speakers, you may find it interesting to know… Chinese is the most spoken language in the world.

If you’ve ever spent any time in San Francisco, California, I’m sure you’ve taken a ride on their famous cable cars. Although, other cities had cable cars at one time, San Francisco is the only city where the cars are still running. In fact,… The San Francisco cable cars are the only mobile national monuments.

With temperatures dropping over the past few days, it seems like the perfect time to fantasize about warmer destinations. Your first thoughs may be of traveling outside of the country, but you may find it interesting to know… Hawaii is the only U.S. state never to report a temperature of zero.

Most of us abandon our strict eating regimes over the holidays and indulge in our favorite decadent foods. For some that means no longer skipping dessert, but for others it means snacking a bit more. Speaking of snacks, I bet you didn’t know… The average American will eat 35,000 cookies in their lifetime.

With this year’s Super Bowl set to kick off in a month, the time has come for the 13th annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration. The inspirational event, which takes place on February 3 at Indianapolis’ Butler University, brings together NFL players and gospel music’s elite artists on one stage for uplifting music and inspirational messages. […]