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Ari Lennox/Snoop Dogg

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It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg stepped in it again this week. As we wrote earlier this week, he thought it would be a good idea to try to suggest that Ari Lennox stop wearing wigs and go grow some of her own hair.

It all started when like most of us, Ari was at home during this quarantine bored AF. So to help the time pass by, she started playing in her wig collection and took to social media to ask folks how she should style her lace front.

Then out of NOWHERE, the messy rapper, also bored and out of Black women to terrorize online, decided he would come for Ari without being sent for with this shady caption: “Grow your own hair what happened to those days,” he wrote with a shrug emoji.

Huh? I bet you he would never talk to Martha Stewart that way.

Take a look:


Sigh. I see that Red Table Talk he did meant nothing.

Why are men always worried about what women are doing, meanwhile they are looking like they look and can’t find the time to be worried about that. But even in that, Ari has been known to rock all types of look, not just on the red carpet, but in her videos and on social media. So….

But, coincidentally or serendipitously, another challenge was brewing at the same time.

From the looks of it, thanks to @LeeMo_LOV, the “Wigs…Braids….Natural hair” trend was just beginning to pop off to show all the amazing and versatile ways that Black women can rock a lewk.

Soon after it began to slowly pick up on Blue Ivy’s Twitter, reaching influencers such as beauty vlogger Jackie Aina and fashion blogger Temi Otedola retweeted their own version, with the words, switched around. But we get the gist…and it looks stunning!

Now, we see that this trend started a few days before Snoop collectively began pissing Black women off, but it can’t be denied that the trend began to pick up on the same day that he tried it and it slowly became, whether intentional or unintentional this middle finger to Snoop.

What’s really cool is that over the span of the past few days, even more Black women began to share pics and show that whether it’s growing for our heads or bought at a store, it’s just hair man…and us queens look fabulous in however we choose to wear it.

Take a look:

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