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Daniel Caesar is a gifted young artist, but seriously needs a lesson in blackness.

The 23-year old singer from Canada took it upon himself to defend known culture vulture “NoJulz” nee YesJulz nee I don’t really f-ckin know or care, after she put her foot in her mouth last week.

The Instagram influencer called out Karen Civil and Scottie Beam for their Blackness while sitting with two black men who co-signed the whole thing. A prime example of blatant disregard for Black women.

Last night, Caesar took the initiative to defend “NoJulz” over Instagram Live. Caesar says to his black fans, “Why are we being so mean to Julz? Why are we allowed to be so disrespectful and rude to everybody else?”

Pardon? Calling out the do-it-for-the-clout influencer after she came for two Black women while they were minding their own damn business sounds like a good enough reason to me. There is also the fact that she feels entitled enough to use the word nigga and has made a string of tweets disrespecting black women and our essence; all of which co-signed by Uncle Toms.

Caesar’s rant also goes on to say Black people need to be able to “take a joke” and “not be so sensitive.” Though, this is no laughing matter.This rapper’s defense of “NoJulz’” unwarranted attack on two of the Black women in our community who take it upon themselves to uplift WOC, is very telling of the type of person Caesar is and which side he does it for.As Black Twitter describes him, he is MAGA Twitter’s one Black friend.

However, his way of thinking is what really needs to be dealt with. We see this mistreatment of Black women over and over again because it is allowed by our men over and over again. He, and many other Uncle Toms, choose to coddle white women and wipe away their white girl tears while masking their own self-hate in calls for “unity” and “creating an understanding.” These men, their clout chasers, and culture vultures accuse Black women of creating a bigger divide for merely demanding our own self-respect or the very least keeping our names out of your damn mouths. But honestly, how can we come anywhere close to being equal or creating an understanding when the true dividers won’t own up to their racist, misogynoir, and disrespectful means of thinking? Caesar, you walking paradox, I’m looking at you.

Caesar will just have to be made an example of i.e. cancelled.


Another Case Of Coons Gone Wild: Daniel Caesar Defends YesJulz, Gets Dragged By Gap Tooth  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com