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Commitment. What is it about this word that places fear through the inner dwellings of some men’s souls? Why does it seem so hard for some males? Could it be because of the whole caveman theory and the idea that men were designed to spread their seed and have more than one woman? Or could it be something much simpler? Something that we all can relate to? FEAR. Fear is a strong emotion. One of the strongest next to love that we can feel and that everyone can relate to.

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Fear can make you do all types of things. It can also prevent you from your ultimate happiness. Some men fear that if they commit that they will be missing out on all of the other women of the world. That their life is somehow like a rap video and they too can have as many exotic women as T.I. or Young Jeezy does on the big screen. Their reality may be very far from this but I guess wishful thinking is better than facing the harsh reality that you won’t be driving that Maybach full of big booty chicks soon.

Then there is the fear of being emotionally vulnerable for another person. This act in itself is enough to send some men packing. The idea that someone could have control over your thoughts, emotions, and could possibly bring you to an ultimate emotional high or low is too much for some. This is why some men date several women at the same time. It is much easier for them to not develop any true emotions for any woman if they are all treated like an item rather than choosing one and treating her as a partner.

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Either way all of these fears go back to the idea of a loss of control. There is the thought of the loss of being the top dog or assuming that there might be something better that you have yet to come upon. One could say that these reasons are universal and that women also face this same fear of commitment for the same reasons. What are your thoughts? Are there other reasons why people fear commitment? Do I have it wrong? Do women and men fear commitment equally? Do they fear it for the same reasons?

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