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Indiana Pacers Jermaine O'Neal...

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All week long on Query & Company, we’ve had former Pacers on the program with the All-Star game returning to Indianapolis for the first time since 1985. Six-time NBA All-Star and fan favorite, Jermaine O’Neal joined the program.

JO spent eight seasons with the Pacers, averaging 18.6 points and 9.6 rebounds per game. He was a part of some of the best teams ever assembled by the franchise. The one thing that will always come to mind when you bring up O’Neal is the brawl.

In August of 2021, Netflix released a documentary featuring O’Neal, Reggie Miller, Stephen Jackson, Metta Sandiford-Artest (Ron Artest), and others. The mastermind behind all of that was O’Neal.

“It took me about ten years to put it together. I was able to do a documentary that was people’s true opinion. We didn’t film one scene together. So, when I called everybody, I said, whatever your truth is, say it. I want to be able to say my truth, not to take a shot at the NBA or anybody else. It was more just kind of how I felt.” O’Neal revealed Friday.

During the conversation, he revealed that he to actually take the NBA to court in order to be reinstated.

The conversation is one of the most open, truthful, engaging, and revealing conversations you will ever hear. O’Neal discussed:

  • How the brawl has helped him as a parent
  • His love for the city of Indianapolis and wanting to retire a Pacer
  • If he is finally free of all the emotions and pitfalls from the brawl
  • How he fell out of love with basketball after the brawl

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