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Community Conversations with Y-ME Youth Ministries

Stone Soul 2024
Dynasty Music

Source: Y-ME Entertainment

Tune in for another episode of Community Conversations with Miss Community Cloud and Mr. V from “Y-ME Youth Ministry Entertainment”. Learn more at

About Y-Me

Our Community Service Program allows young people to feel a sense of appreciation and gratitude when giving back to the community. This selfless deed also fills them with a sense of pride and increases the awareness of sharing and caring. Our Hip Hop Elevation Program uses performing arts in our Empowerment Events to promote peace & unity and make smart choices. We believe inspirational music carries a powerful message that can change people’s mindset. Y-ME is the foundation, Dynasty Music is the platform, and Hip Hop Elevation is the movement. Fun activities such as Jumpology, roller skating, bowling, Putt-Putt, movies, Kings Dominion, and Chuck E. Cheese are the glue that allows our personalities to blend and bond together!