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Ladies Love Group Chat Thursday | The Amanda Seales Show

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Today’s episode of The Amanda Seales Show is jam-packed with topics, including: Dating and politics: Can you date someone who has different political views than you?

Amanda and her guests discuss the pros and cons of mixing love and politics. The Simmons family drama: Kimora Lee Simmons recently put her ex-husband Russell Simmons on blast, accusing him of sexual misconduct. Amanda and her guests discuss the allegations and the impact they’re having on the Simmons family. Race relations in America: Will we ever find common ground on race in America?

Amanda and her guests explore the current state of race relations in the country and offer their thoughts on how we can move forward.

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  • Today Is:
    • National Kissing Day!
    • National World Rainforest Day!
    • National Onion Rings Day!
  • 4:18 Dating & Politics: Moderates Verses Conservatism.
  • 8:10 What Does It Mean To Be Apolitical?
  • 12:47 Does Not Talking About Politics Help Keep The Peace In Your Relationship?
  • 17:20 Jeremiah Most Likely To….
  • 21:17 It’s June 22nd Happy Birthday To: Real Housewife Of Atlanta – Porcha Williams
  • 23:30 We’ll Talk About Family Relationships And The  Simmons Family Drama… (Russell Simmons, Kimora Simmons And Their Children)
  • 27:21 Have You Ever Found It Necessary Go “No Contact” With One Of Your Parents?
  • 31:53 Were There Any Benefits To Going No Contact With One Of Your Parents?
  • 37:45 What They Should Do Recorded
  • 39:19 60 Sec Headlines:
    • STORY 1: A New Study From The University College London, Suggests That Daytime Naps Are Good For Your Brain
    • STORY 2: Trump’s Classified Documents Trial Is Set To Begin August 14.
    • STORY 3: Abortion Rights Advocates & Opponents Are Set To Mark The One Year Anniversary Of The Supreme Court’s Decision To Overturn Of Roe V. Wade This Week.
    • STORY 4: Congratulations To Dr. Dre! He Will Be Honored With The First Ever, Hip Hop Icon Award From Ascap.
    • STORY 5. Trevor Noah Just Signed A Spotify Deal For A New Podcast.
  • 41:52 We’ve Been Talking About Family Relationships Today, And Going No Contact With Your Parents. We’ve Shared Our Stories, CALL US…  855 AMANDA 8 THAT’S 1 855 262 6328.
  • 46:07 We Celebrated Juneteenth Day This Past Monday… And During A Special Holiday Show On C-SPAN, A Republican Called In To Say He Hasn’t Heard Any Black People Say Thank You To The White Men Who Died To Free The Black Slaves…
  • 51:01 Race Relations In America Will We Ever Find A Common Ground?
  • 55:48 Word Of The Day…… Assuage (Uh-Swage) (Merriam Webster Dictionary – To Lessen The Intensity Of Something That Pains Or Distresses… To Ease, Pacify Or Quiet)
  • 61:01 Amanda’s I Be Known’ – When They Go Low – We Get Loud
  • 67:15 We’ve Been Getting Lots Of Calls On Having No Contact… And We Love When You Call Us, So Let’s Go Back To The Phone Lines… 1-855-AMANDA 8, That’s 1-855-262-6328





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