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Source: Tim P. Whitby / Getty

The latest in entertainment news is Usher’s most recent trip to the strip club. Apparently, the R&B singer is using his own currency to pay for the adult entertainment and Twitter is ripping him to smithereens. To think, we were just praising him for being so handsome.

One of the dancers from the night club blasted Usher on social media for using twenty dollar bills with his face on it. If you were wondering if this is real, here’s proof that these bills do exist.

Usher posed with a clear carry on suitcase filled with what the Internet is referring to as “Ush Bucks.” What is going on Usher Raymond? We would think that as much as the world streams Confessions, alone, that the singer would be doing just fine financially.

Usher’s net worth is 180 million, and he appears to be holding on to all of his coins.

We cannot confirm nor deny the dancer’s allegations towards Usher’s questionable spending at the night club. However, it made for great entertainment on a Monday afternoon.

Social media users are sharing in a laugh and thousands of retweets on Twitter after discovering Ush Bucks were being thrown instead of actual twenties. Here’s what Twitter users are saying:

Others believe Usher’s a bit self-absorbed and narcissistic. While some have gone as far as calling the artist a psychopath.

One may wonder: How did Usher get out of the club throwing that many Ush Bucks?

It was Usher allll along…

Usher is still reaching new heights in his career with eight No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 list in this century, but he can’t afford to pay for his adult entertainment.

Usher thought he was in an episode of Spongebob, paying those girls in Goober dollars.

Honey, this is not monopoly. You can’t pay in play money, Mr. Raymond.

Usher should just go ahead and pay these women what they’re owed and put out an apology before this gets too nasty. Nonetheless, thank you for the Monday mania.


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