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Remember how Jamal beat down Warren on last week’s episode of Empire? Now he faces assault, battery, disturbing the peace and destruction of private property. Thirsty is on the case to keep Jamal out of jail, but they have to find Warren first in order to make this work. The Lyons realize that Diana is trying to sabotage the Lyon Brothers by striking them in the heart, where it hurts the worst, and they vow to get revenge. It’s good to see them back in the game, albeit late. Anyway, Dre is the only brother who is seemingly unscathed for now so Cookie, Thirsty and Lucious ask him if there’s anything they Dubois family could use against him, like, did he meet anyone new? Dre claims there’s nothing, but they remind him that he did say he had a new girlfriend he wanted them to meet. You know, the cop. He’s trying to play it off like he can’t get caught up, but we know that Diana Dubois is a crafty one.

Here she is plotting her next move:


Cookie pays Diana a visit to seemingly give her back the engagement ring she got from Angelo (it’s a Dubois family heirloom). Cookie tosses the ring in the street when Diana prepares to grab it and then runs away. Thirsty is taking photos of this and we’re all wondering what’s happening.


Later on it turns out that Cookie made the scene so that Thirsty could scout how many bodyguards Diana had to dirt on them. Hold that thought.

Dre confronts Pamela and demands to know if she’s working for Diana. This doesn’t go well at all. Remember, she confided in him that she killed someone and rigged the scene of the crime so he should trust her. She walks away from him pissed off. He’s left sitting at a table in a restaurant (al fresco) knocking glasses off a table because he’s upset that he may have ruined his chances with her. Thirsty was watching this (from afar) the entire time. He can’t hear the exchange, but obviously, he knows something is up. He calls Lucious to report the details and they head over to talk to Dre as soon as Lucious gets there. Lucious, still being semi less evil than he used to be and still speaking with that funny voice, asks Dre if everything is ok. Dre reveals that he was seeing a cop and that he’s now heartbroken. Dre storms off and Thirsty is five steps ahead of everyone because already doing his research on this Pamela PD person.


Props to Thirsty for his loyalty and due diligence. Not all heroes wear capes.

Cookie figures out where Warren is holed up (because he’s still recovering from his beat down), which bodyguard is on duty (this goes back to that earlier stunt) and get him out of the way to get down to business. Cookie shows points a gun at Warren and gets the goods. Basically, Cookie tells Warren he better go to the precinct and tell them he threw the first punch. Warren says he’ll do it to clear Jamal’s name and because he loves Jamal. Cookie is side-eying that, but it doesn’t stop her from getting the drop on what Diana has planned for Dre.

It’s incredibly wicked, by the way. Diana compromised Dre’s therapist. The therapist was literally messing with his head and misprescribing medication so that it messes with Dre’s head.

They ask if he said things that might compromise the family and he claims he told him that he couldn’t perform sexually and that’s it. Hopefully, that’s it. In the meantime, he obviously gets a new therapist, but it might be too late.

Cut to the end of the episode.

Pamela stops by Jamal’s place with the gun she used to kill that boy as further evidence. She’s just trying to show him that he can put her in jail if necessary as a way to prove that she has been honest and that the guilt is killing her and that never understand what that feels like to walk around with the fact that you murdered someone on your heart. Dre says he does know what that kind of guilt could and reveals…

Hold that thought because we cut to the next scene! Thirsty shows up to Cookie and Lucious he can’t find anything on Pamela because she doesn’t exist! They call Dre but he doesn’t pick up because he’s too busy snitching on himself. Yup, he tells Pamela that he tried to kill his father then she snaps. She claims she’s actually Vegas Metro PD and that she’s been after Dre for a while. She calls him an idiot and generally starts berating the crap of out him. Then she points a gun at him and tells him he’s under arrest but he’s not having it. They get into a struggle and then chokes her to death. Lucious and Cookie get to the house and find Dre distraught and hysterical. He says he didn’t mean to kill her and that she’s a cop.


But here’s the twist, Pamela never existed. Cookie and Lucious tell Dre there’s no body there. There’s nothing there, no gunshot in the window from the scuffle. Nothing. Dre starts flashing back to all the moments that he “saw” Pamela only to realize he made her up. Remember those meds he was on?  

Dre was having some sort of episode. In other words, Diana won, at least for now.

Next week the tables might turn, but it all depends on the details Warren gave Cookie and how the Lyons play the game.

P.S. Dre really needs to catch a break, for once.


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