Southall, who said his grandparents crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, compared the attack at the Trump rally to facing a “lynch mob.”

“This is the ugly truth of America. It was there like literally and figuratively in Black and white,” Southhall told CNN. “We saw it. We see it daily,” Southall said. “It shows what kind of America we live in now and what kind of America it will be with Trump at the helm.”

Trump has vowed never to let members of “Black Lives Matter” disrupt his rallies the way they took over a rally for Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate.

“That will never happen with me,” Trump said last month.

And where is Katrina Pierson on this issue?

Pierson, an African-American woman, is the new face of the Trump campaign. Trump hired Pierson, a Tea Party loyalist, as his high-profile surrogate, to appear on national television news programs and to be his defender.

“He’s sort of not politically correct,” Pierson told POLITICO recently. “He sort of calls it like he sees it. I’m kind of that way, too.”

But how does she feel, as a Black woman, about white supporters of Trump kicking and punching a Black man while calling him the N-word?

Trump and Pierson are of like minds on the issue of political correctness. But at what point does Trump’s political correctness become dangerous? I believe it’s when his rhetoric incites people to violence.

But Trump, presently the leading Republican presidential contender, continues to incite his impressionable crowds.

What do you think?

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