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No one is exactly sure why he ran.

No one is exactly sure why he was shot.

What we do know for sure is that Walter Scott is dead by the hands of a North Charleston, South Carolina police officer, shot five times, four in the back, one in the ear.

We know he was unarmed.

We also know is that if not for that if Faiden Santana had not recorded the incident on his cellphone we would probably not be talking about this now.

But think about this for a moment.

It’s Santana telling MSNBC why we almost didn’t see the video.

“I’m won’t deny that I knew, know the magnitude of this and I tried to, I even thought about erasing the video.  Why?  I felt that my life with this information may be in danger and I thought about erasing the video and getting out of Charleston and living someplace else.”

He said he was scared, afraid of retaliation from police because he knew the cop didn’t do the right thing.

But Santana did do the right thing.

Walter Scott’s brother told me last night on CNN that’s he’s grateful he did.

“Most certainly I am and my family is too because we have the truth right now. And we were only seeking the truth from the beginning because we were never believing the original stories that they said.”

The officer charged with murder has been fired.

His wife is 8 months pregnant.

The police department will continue to pay for her and her baby’s healthcare because they say it’s the humane thing to do.

The department is also fast-tracking body cameras because that is also the right thing to do.

In all honesty, it is hard to watch the Scott video because we are watching someone die.

It will be hard to watch police body camera video too.

But in the end that video is what will vindicate Walter Scott and perhaps hundreds of other Scott or Garners.

It won’t bring them back, but it most certainly will save lives and in some cases even careers.

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