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I don’t usually give White supremacists the time of day but this story was so ridiculous, it caught my eye.

Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and politician David Duke took aim at Nicki Minaj over the weekend after coming across her comments about the Eric Garner case in Rolling Stone Magazine. Duke had some pretty vile things to say about the Queens rapper.

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“Why do people blame Blacks like Minaj?” He rhetorically asked during an online broadcast of his radio show. “Because Minaj wouldn’t be a pimple on somebody’s rear end except for the fact that she is promoted by the Jewish record producers and the media, the mass media, the powerful media, that promotes absolute degenerates like her.”


How was Nicki Minaj even on the mind of David Duke? He must have just gotten the magazine in the mail and wanted to rant about it. Either way, no one cares what you think about Nicki Minaj! I think it’s ridiculous that Duke would even mention Minaj in his rant, considering that he is an ex-con who has been forcibly expelled from other countries.

This has been a trend with Nicki Minaj in the last few weeks. As she has been in the spotlight more and more following the release of “The Pinkprint,” the scrutiny has been coming from everywhere like Hip Hop Wired to even random White supremacists like Duke.  I’m not surprised by the scrutiny Minaj is receiving as this comes with the territory when you’re a self-assured woman.

Hip Hop Wired polled readers and asked them “The Pinkprint” was a flop because it only sold 244, 000 units:

Despite a colorful promotional campaign and positive album reviews, Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint couldn’t quite snatch the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 following its release. Mind you, Nicki has more than 18 million followers across her social media accounts and another 45 million in Facebook likes. Did her fans fail her or has record sales become too big of a deal when musicianship is being criticized more than ever? 

This criticism would be valid if “The Pinkprint” album hadn’t sold more in the first week than her counterparts Young Jeezy and Rick Ross this year. There’s that criticism rearing its ugly head again.

Recently, Jay Z was in the news for meeting with Governor Andrew Cuomo. They discussed the justice system following the Eric Garner decision. Where were Duke’s comments then?

While Jay Z is certainly more high-profiled than Minaj and his meeting with the Governor Cuomo was heavily publicized on Fox News, I’m pretty sure it grabbed Duke’s attention. Duke (like a lot of men) doesn’t have the guts to criticize a male rapper. They would rather attempt to criticize and dismiss a woman.

It’s hard to believe that someone like Duke is even paying attention to Hip-Hop when supremacists devote so much time to literally hating all people of color. He was recently in the news because he defended House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) for speaking to a White supremacist group in 2002. Duke also threatened to expose other Republican lawmakers with Klan ties.

While we definitely should not focus on the opinions of trash like Duke, it’s important to call out sexism when you see it. Women like Nicki seems to always be treated like a punching bag. Duke focusing on the beautiful rapstress is not only random, but completely unwarranted. At least she cares about the issues plaguing Black people.  It really goes to show you that women (especially those in male-dominated genres) have it twice as hard as men. They don’t have to worry over battling one another in epic lyrical beefs, they have to battle against racist and sexist critics like the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

What do you think beauties? Sound off in the comments below.


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