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After two boys got in trouble at school for allegedly telling Ebola jokes, their parents decided to teach them a lesson.

They pranked the boys by telling them that they had contracted the Ebola virus.

In the Instagram video, posted by Tevyn Demmings, a woman can be seen wearing a surgical mask and taking the child’s temperature. After showing the thermometer to a man off camera, he says, “Aww hell nah, that n*gga got Ebola.”

The boys immediately erupts into tears, followed swiftly by his brother who also cried in terror after being told that he has Ebola as well.

At one point, the mother pretends to be terrified after her mask came off.

The Ebola virus has caused over 4,000 fatalities in West Africa and one in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control has been working over time to ensure that the deadly virus is contained. Still, even with strict precautions and reassurances that the virus is not airborne, public fear is at a fever pitch.

Do you think this was a good lesson for the boys or do you think the parents took it too far?

Watch the clips below.


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