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Last week, a video from WorldStarHipHop went viral and it got Steve Wilson’s attention, and not in a good way! The video of the vicious attack has been viewed nearly 12 million times and memes ridiculing the incident have sprouted up all over social media.

If you missed the story, a 17-year-old Texas teen, known only as Sharkeisha, is shown sucker-punching her best friend, ShaMichael Manuel, over a boy. Sharkeisha, who has a record of violence, has since been arrested as a result of her actions in the video.

“If parents don’t start raising their kids, there will be more Sharkeisha videos,” says Steve. “If you’re not helping our community, you’re hurting it.”

Listen to the audio player or read the transcript below to find out what Steve had to say on The D.L. Hughley Show about the shocking video, and why he’s kicking Sharkeisha’s parents out of the community!


STEVE WILSON:  This week on Kick ‘Em Out of Our Community, Sharkeisha ’s parents. Last week the Internet was buzzing with a video of Sharkeisha sucker punching and assaulting her best friend over a guy. Now I’m gonna flip the script. I don’t blame Sharkeisha because when a kid doesn’t have home training I blame the mamma. First of all when you name your child Sharkeisha she going to jail. Also this was not Sharkeisha ’s first run in with the law. I did some research on the Internet. She got arrested for assaulting someone else. Everybody wanna know how does a child get like that? Well, Imma tell you; it’s the mamma’s fault. P.S. I’m not letting the daddy off the hook either. Just because you got her mamma pregnant and freaky, when you spend more time at the club than you do with your daughter this is what happens. This video is an embarrassment to our entire community. I couldn’t make eye contact with white people for three days. I’ll tell you one thing I did learn from the Sharkeisha video is when you see two girls about to fight, always bet on the strong fisted one. But seriously if parents don’t start raising their kids there will be more Sharkeisha videos. If you’re not helping our community you’re hurting it. So Sharkeisha ’s mamma and daddy, you all gotta go.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Do you agree with Steve?

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