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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Evelyn Lozada went to prom.  The Basketball Wives star answered a 19-year-old’s request on Twitter and went to his high school prom as his date.  And Evelyn wore a sexy red dress that showed so much cleavage young boy had to be drooling all over his corsage.  And Evelyn said afterwards that it was the best time ever.  I guess after Chad Johnson it was nice to go out with someone more mature.

 Katie Couric says that she once got asked out on a date by Michael Jackson.  I wonder what kind of rap Mike laid on Katie to ask her out;  ‘Hi Katie, it’s the King of Pop.  I was wondering if you wanted to come over to Neverland one night, eat some chicken, sip some propofol and play with my monkey.

According to the latest polls Anthony Weiner is now the top choice for mayor amongst male voters.  Maybe because dudes are more forgiving of a guy caught tweeting his meat.  But the lesson is you can’t keep a strong Weiner down.  Oh, no, Weiner is on the rise.  And no matter how hard it gets, Weiner’s going to get it in and keep on pushing.

And yesterday in the Scripts National Spelling Bee one of the kids was asked to spell interception.  And she said, “R-O-M-O.”

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