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President Barack Obama addressed thousands at the official kick-off the 2012 re-election campaign held at VCU’s Siegel Center on Saturday in Richmond. President Obama said Republicans want to move the nation backward toward failed economic policies that caused the deep recession. He said Mitt Romney’s proposal to give more tax cuts to the wealthy would add about five-trillion dollars to the federal deficit.

President Obama said “no tax cuts for cancer and alzheimer’s. I refuse to do that. I will not allow medicare to be turned into a voucher.”

President Obama said he is running to pay down our nation’s debt responsibly and balanced. He wants to reform our tax code to be simple and fair for all Americans and not just the rich.

President Obama ended his speech with “we aren’t republicans or democrats but Americans first. Let’s move the nation forward. I will continue to fight for you as much as I know how -stick with me and press on with me.”

Jennifer McClellan, Represents District 71, Virginia General Assembly talks about the president’s accomplishments in Virginia. When the president took office in 2009 Americans were losing 800,000 jobs a month. President Obama has created 4.2 million jobs over 26 consecutive months.

 President Obama’s new campaign video will air in battleground states including Virginia. 

Listen to my interview with Delegate McClellan and the watch the video.