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Malcolm X’s youngest daughter has been jailed for failing to make good on a promise to pay back the $55,000 she swindled from an elderly New York woman.

A judge ordered held Tuesday night after probation officials said she’d failed to make any of the monthly $1,229 restitution payments she agreed to as part of a plea deal.

Shabazz also ignored a judge’s order requiring her to live in New York while she serves out a five-year probation, court officials say.

Officials say she has apparently been living in Vermont, above a bar that she is looking to purchase. She had $800 in her pocket when she was arrested for the probation violation.

Shabazz, 46, has 50 months to pay back the $55,000, or she risks being locked-up for 7 years.

In June, Malikah Shabazz pleaded guilty to an identity theft charge, admitting she opened up credit cards in the name of Khaula Bakr, 70, the wife of one of Malcolm X’s bodyguards.

Prosecutors say Shabazz conned Bakr into giving up her personal information by telling her she needed it for child care paperwork.

Bakr realized something was wrong when she got a letter from her bank demanding $30,000.