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With the GOP race fast approaching on January 31, 2012, Presidential Candidates focus in on Florida.  After Mitt Romney’s close lost in Iowa to Rick Santorum, Romney hopes that he will be successful in the next primary.   In hopes to connect better with the voters in Florida,  Romney has released his 2010 tax returns and 2011 tax liability.  Romney says, “”I think we just made a mistake in holding off as long as we did. It was just a distraction.”

This “distraction” also added to his losing streak  in South Carolina’s primary  to Newt Gringrich. 

Mitt Romney is paying more than six-million dollars in income taxes for the past two years. The former private equity executive and Massachusetts governor released his tax records just one week before the Florida primary.

The documents show Romney’s income was more than 45 million dollars for 2010 and 2011. They also show that Romney and his wife paid 7 millions to charity. Romney’s campaign officials point out that most of his income is from investments, dividends and capital gains, which are held in blind trusts and that he doesn’t make any decisions on how his money is invested.

Stayed tuned to get updates about the Florida primary. Virginia’s GOP primary is Tuesday, March 6, 2011. Check your voter status at www.sbe.virginia.gov.