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He fought for those who couldn’t fight, he fought to advance the livelihoods of people of color and all who were victims of injustice and inequality.  To see Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. take his rightful place among this nation’s iconic leaders was truly an experience, and  hearing Aretha Franklin sing “Precious Lord” was  worth the trip.  But the vision of the First Family, Barack, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia, seated on stage in a ceremony of this nature, and of this magnitude with Dr. King’s “Dream” echoing in our minds, was overwhelming.  It is a reminder of just how blessed and fortunate we are to have leaders like these who cared so much about our advancement as a nation, as a people, that they were willing to sacrifice it all for that cause.  So I take full advantage of this opportunity and this space to use this forum to say Thank You Dr. King, for your vision, for your determination, and for your strong yet peaceful leadership in a violent time. For without that leadership, we all have to ask “Where would we be?”  This has truly been a day of inspiration.  Again, THANK YOU………