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Nadya Suleman — the Octomom — is heading to a TV near you in a brand-new celebrity dating show called ‘Celebridate.’

“I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of it” Nadya says. “I have not watched TV in almost a decade, but I might just tune into this one! This is called ‘Celebridate’ and I don’t perceive myself to be a celebrity, but I guess they do. To a certain degree, I am in the public eye.”

Roger Lodge, who has a lot of experience in the love department after hosting ‘Blind Date,’ will host the series, which debuts in October. The series follows different celebrities as three regular people try to win their hearts or get eliminated. Whoever Nadya ends up with, it’s likely they’ll have more experience then her in the dating department.

“I’ve never dated,” Nadya says. “This is actually the first time I have dated in my life. I’ve had one boyfriend, it was very fascinating to me; it was an unforgettable experience. I am painfully shy and anxious … that’s just my personality.”

She adds, “So it’s difficult for me to interact and to have eye contact.”