virginia general assembly

I am Miss Community Clooovia and my intentions is to always keep it community with the latest happenings out there in the “I AM RICHMOND REPORT.”  The Virginia Senate passes two LGBT bills that would protect gay and transgender individuals seeking employment in local and state government. Also, protection against housing discrimination. The Virginia General […]

Lawmakers will have their say at the Virginia General Assembly if you don’t participate. Lawmakers in the Senate will deliberate on SB223, New Sentencing Hearing: Abolition of Parole. If you support or oppose this bill call, email or text your senator here. Full Text of SB223 is courtesy of RichmondSunlight.Com New sentencing hearing; abolition of […]

There are 140 lawmakers that have introduced, voted on and killed pieces of legislation at the Virginia General Assembly. Hundreds of bills have been introduced from health care reform, education reform, human rights, civil rights, criminal justice reform, life/auto insurance, estate entitlements, taxes, business licensing, court sentencing and abolishing parole, employment discrimination to closing juvenile […]

Update: Decriminalization Marijuana Bill Died in the House Subcommittee As I keep an eye on the Virginia General Assembly with members in the House and Senate, I noticed SB104, decriminalization of marijuana. The bill would have removed criminal penalties for possession of marijuana which has disproportionately impacted young adults and the black community under the current […]

This is morning, I am pleased to announce some great news from the Virginia General Assembly. Senator Rosalyn Dance (D-District 16, Petersburg) had been pushing to the ‘ban the box’ to give those who have paid their debt to society a fair chance to seek employment without barriers from the past. Senator Dance’s “ban the […]

The Virginia General Assembly is underway for the next 60 days with hundreds of bills being introduced, voted on, tabled and killed during this session. Miss Community Clovia will keep viewers, listeners and social media followers updated as to the bills that are supported or opposed by members in the House of Delegates and Senate representing […]

  Registered voters, I hope you plan to vote during the Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Your vote is your voice, choice, right and power. The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. If your teen will turn 18-years old on or before November 8, 2016, they can register to vote […]

The 2016 Virginia General Assembly Session begins on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 12 noon. Lawmakers in the House and Senate will convene in Richmond to introduce, vote and kill hundreds of bills submitted during the session. Virginia Senator Charles Carrico, Sr (R-District 40) is pushing for the Confederate flag to return to Virginia license plates. The bill, […]

Lawmakers will return to the General Assembly in Richmond today for a special session. Governor Terry McAuliffe called lawmakers back today for a session on congressional redistricting. Virginia has until September 1st to comply with federal judges to redefine its congressional map. The judges ruled Republican-drawn lines adopted in 2012 unconstitutionally pack too many African-American voters in the […]

  The Virginia General Assembly 2015 session ends this Saturday. Lawmakers who represent you at the G-A have introduced, voted on and killed bills this session. How did your Senator or Delegate vote on pieces of legislation? View all bills at Virginia General Assembly   PUBLIC ALERT: Seats are up for re-election this year for members in […]

What is the Virginia General Assembly? On Wednesday, January 14, legislators from around the Commonwealth of Virginia will head to Richmond for the 2015 session of the General Assembly. Senators and Delegates will represent you so check in on them by taking an active role in the legislative process. Some frequently asked questions “Who is […]

Today is special election day for voters in the 74th House district representing the Virginia General Assembly.  There are three candidates vying for votes today (I) Delegate Joe Morrissey, (D) Kevin Sullivan and (R) Matt Walton. You decide voters of the 74th who will best represent you at the G-A when it comes to health care […]