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Check out these hilarious callers discussing their horrible neighbors and bosses! Have you ever experienced anything similar? We want to know about your neighbors (or bosses) from hell, too. Join the conversation below on the message board. RELATED LINKS: The Michael Baisden Show Rewind: Iyanla Vanzant on Domestic Violence The Michael Baisden Show Rewind: Real […]

This week’s hot topic on the Michael Baisden Show got off to a heated start when callers began debating the best choices in the kinds of men and women they prefer not to date. With responses ranging from cops to transit authority workers, you might be shocked at some of the real life reasons why […]

On yesterday’s edition of The Michael Baisden Show, special guest motivational speaker Iyanla Vanzant shared her story with listeners on domestic violence and why some women choose to go back to their abusers. Vanzant, who of course has experienced a many trial and tribulation in the public eye, continues to help women overcome their struggles […]

A young caller talks to Michael Baisden by the name of Taylor about her mom’s jeans being too tight and how the men still need to back off! Taylor’s mother gets on the line and give Michael Baisden and the crew her dimensions (5’11 and 160 lbs.), but George jokes that it all depends on where […]

Mack-A-Man Down Day has arrived on The Michael Baisden Show and the progressiveness of today’s woman has been discussed. Check out caller Veronica spoke up proudly to say that she is a traditionalist and that men should stick to approaching women. George told her “that’s why you’re single!”   So ladies, do you agree with […]

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, author of ‘Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys,’ speaks to The Michael Baisden Show audience this week about the lack of real parenting in the Black community. He also discusses the lack of books in the home, and why so many of our Black boys are being put in special education. Listen to […]

The hot topic on The Michael Baisden Show this week has been infidelity, cheating and what happens when couples experience the various levels of reconciling, rebuilding their trust in each other or if they simply move on with their lives not looking back. Listen to these interesting calls from people who agree and disagree that […]

Nisa Muhammad joins The Michael Baisden Show this week for a discussion on infidelity in relationships and how it’s very painful for both people. She explains how marriages can sometimes become stronger by working through infidelity. Listen below then share your thoughts with us below on the message board. RELATED LINKS: The Michael Baisden Show […]

  This week on The Michael Baisden Show, the hot topic of discussion was about stepping into the New Year with a new philosophy on keeping your love life exciting. Check out these callers giving advice on how to keep it spicy in the bedroom! What are your thoughts on the comments? Do you have […]

Michael Baisden chats with a variety of listeners who have become addicted to ABC’s hit television show “Scandal.” Find out what listeners like and dislike about the interesting scenarios portrayed on the show and what makes this type of programming so unique as opposed to the recent rise of reality shows seemingly on every other […]

Astro-Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn stopped by The Michael Baisden Show to give listeners and our resident birthday guy George Willborn who celebrated another year of life on Tuesday, January 8th. George received a pretty interesting love prediction reading for Capricorns, but Lloyd also discusses his 2013 reading for all zodiac signs. If you want to get more […]

Is ever too late to find love? Michael Baisden takes calls from women who have wound up finding love after 40 plus why it can be just as good, if not better, than young love.   Some say by then you know exactly what you want, and more importantly, what you don’t want. Sometimes love […]