The Michael Baisden Show Rewind

Check out these hilarious callers discussing their horrible neighbors and bosses! Have you ever experienced anything similar? We want to know about your neighbors (or bosses) from hell, too. Join the conversation below on the message board. RELATED LINKS: The Michael Baisden Show Rewind: Iyanla Vanzant on Domestic Violence The Michael Baisden Show Rewind: Real […]

This week’s hot topic on the Michael Baisden Show got off to a heated start when callers began debating the best choices in the kinds of men and women they prefer not to date. With responses ranging from cops to transit authority workers, you might be shocked at some of the real life reasons why […]

Are men more insecure when their woman makes more money than them? How do women feel when they are the breadwinners? Check out what these callers had to say! Men, we want to hear from each of you, too. Is your woman making more money than you these days? Share your experiences and your thoughts […]

Does love really conquer all or should we also look at our relationships as businesses? The Michael Baisden Show crew checks in with callers on this hot topic and here’s what many of them had to say about where they stand even on valuing love over the other important qualities that make a great relationship. PART […]

Listen to Michael Baisden as he speaks with loyal callers sharing their personal stories about people dying before the age of 40. We’ve got to take care of ourselves family. Take a moment to evaluate the health of yourself, your friends , your family and your loved ones. What can we all do yo treat […]

Joel moved on with his life after a nasty divorce. He gets his kids every other weekend, but some weekends the mother will try and even block them from coming. Sometimes she drops the kids off and they look a mess and are hungry. He lets her know passionately to stop playing games with his […]

Continuing the discussion on absentee parents on this week’s series on the Michael Baisden Show, young caller Chloe is a 19-year-old with a father she says she never understood why he didn’t stick around or make an attempt to be apart of her life even though he knew where she was living and now he […]

At just 12 years old, Alicia’s own mother left her with her father and moved to a completely different state. Michael Baisden listens with an attentive ear to Alicia’s plight, but then tells Alicia to not let her mother’s abandonment dictate her own future and that she can be a better mother if she learns […]

Michael Baisden continues an in-depth discussion with listener Kim who says that deadbeat parents should not pop back into their kids lives like everything is okay after being missing for extended periods of time. Michael shares his experience regarding his father randomly popping into his life and treating him and his brother to hamburgers. George […]

Love might be in the air this season as we prepare for Valentine’s Day, but what happens when there is no apparent love – especially when it’s not genuinely from the people in your life that should really care the most? Michael Baisden took time on his show this week to discuss the concept of […]

Caller Patricia says she has been married 41 years, but she also stresses that the marriage alone isn’t an accomplishment. Patricia claims being married and happy is the real accomplishment! One thing she suggests to newlyweds: keep your business to yourself! “If someone asks personal questions about your relationship, it’s none of their business!” Listen […]

On this touching edition of The Michael Baisden Show, Kenneth & Jackie Johnson, parents of deceased 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson discuss the death of their son and how school officials of Lowndes County High School may be trying to cover up a homicide. Listen in as Michael Baisden sheds light on the tragedy and finds a […]